Prayer is very important for the children of God, in fact prayer is our weapon of war. But prayer will have no effect when we pray the wrong prayer. Many are praying dealing with the surface of their problems without dealing with the root of their problems. Friends, I want you to know that everything in this world has a beginning. The problems we are facing have their own root. Without dealing with the root of the problem, man we just be praying amis. Before we pray about what we are going through, have we ever ask the Lord about the root of the problem? When we know the root of the problem it will be very easy to deal with the problem. The root of the problem could be our sin, name, foundation, location, character etc. We should remember that the Bible says in Daniel 2:22 He He reveals deep and secret things; He knows what is in the darkness, And light dwells with Him. What are you going through? Ask God about the root of the problem and deal with the problem with the weapon of prayer. Life is not fair but as children of God we have to command life to be fair to us. Devil will make attempt to destroy us we are the one to say no you can not destroy me. When we discover the root of our problem, we will know the right prayer to pray to deal with the problem.

Prayer to pray:

Father forgive me of all my iniquities by the blood of Jesus Christ.

My father have mercy upon me in the name of Jesus Christ.

My Heavenly Father, show me the secret of my problem in Jesus name( mention the problem)

I soak my life in the blood of Jesus Christ.

Father reveal every foundational secret
to me in the name of Jesus Christ.

Secret of the enemy over my be revealed to me in Jesus name

Every power tormenting my life be exposed in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.



In 1 Samuel 15 vs 3, God told King Saul Go and attack the Amalekites and completely destroy everything they have. Don’t leave a thing; kill all the men, women, children, and babies; the cattle, sheep, camels, and donkeys. Saul defeated the Amalekites, fighting all the way from Havilah to Shur, east of Egypt; he captured King Agag of Amalek alive and killed all the people. But Saul and his men spared Agag’s life and did not kill the best sheep and cattle, the best calves and lambs. King Saul was rejected as the King of Israel because of his disobedience. In the book of Easter chapter 3 vs 6, A descendant of Agag that Saul refused to kill ‘Haman’ made plans to kill every Jew in the whole Persian Empire. He prepared the gallows for Mordecai to be hanged. Through fasting and prayer of the Jew, Haman was hanged on the gallows that he had built for Mordecai. Therefore the enemies that we refuse to destroy through our prayers and fasting, will latter destroy our children.
The sickness, poverty, failure, sin, etc. we refuse to kill in our lives and our families will eventually wage war against our children.

Prayer to pray:

Any hole dug for me and my family swallow your digger in Jesus name.

Every owner of evil load in my life, carry your load in Jesus name.

Destiny killers in my family, my destiny is not your candidate, be destroyed in Jesus name.

Evil arrows fire into my life and my family, backfire in Jesus name.

Spiritual arrow men take your arrow point it at yourself and fire at yourself in Jesus name.

By the power in the Blood of Jesus Christ I will not die another man’s death.



We are a living soul because blood is flowing in our body. Immediately blood stops flowing in our body, that person is dead. This is why God told us in Leviticus 17 vs 14 that we should not eat the blood because life is in the blood. Therefore blood speaks. The Bible talks about the blood of Abel who speaks and the blood of the saints who is also speaking up till this moment. If the blood of Abel and of the saints can speak, how much more the blood of Jesus Christ. In 2 king 9 to 27, the Bible says King Joram and the kings of Judah and Edom set out to fight the king of Moab. When the king of Moab realized that he was losing the battle, the Bible says, he took his oldest son, who was to succeed him as king, and offered him on the city wall as a sacrifice to the god of Moab. Therefore Israelites were terrified and so they drew back from the city and returned to their own country. Friends, if the shedding of a man’s blood to an idol can made the three kings to loose the battle, what about the shedding of the blood of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary? This is why the Bible says, the blood of Jesus Christ speaks better thing than the blood of Abel. The blood of Abel was crying for vengeance but the blood of Jesus Christ is crying for mercy on our behalf before God. Blood of Jesus can do so many things for us if we know how to use it. Blood of Jesus is among the weapons of warfare giving to believers to fight the Devil but it is a pity that so many of us did not know how to us it. I pray for you that the blood of Jesus Christ will kill every arrow of sudden death in your life and your family in Jesus name.


Every bitterness in my family line, I destroy you by the blood of Jesus Christ.
Blood of Jesus Christ speaks better thing on my behalf before God in Jesus name.
Powers of sudden death in my life, be killed by the blood of Jesus Christ.
Sanatic power that doesn’t want me to enjoy my life, drink the blood of Jesus Christ and die in Jesus name.
Arrows fired into my life when I slept backfire by the blood of Jesus Christ.



Someone may say, why am I going through this? How can I Iose someone so dear to me? Is it only me in this world? When would I marry? When would I be free from this sickness? When would I have my own child? Friends, the Bible says in Revelation 12 vs. 12 but woe unto the earth and the sea! For the Devil has come down to you, and he is filled with great wrath, because he knows that he has only a little time left. Therefore, what we are going through is because of the presence of the Devil in the world. This is why the Apostle Paul said: Ephesians 6:12 for we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. So we are here in this world to wrestle with the Devil and in wrestling with the Devil, is either we win if will know what to do or we loose if we do not know what to do. Because many people do not know what to do on the battlefield, as a result of this, there are casualties on the battlefield! People have different battles, the battles of many are sickness, failure, poverty, barrenness, at marriage age – but no marriage, drug addiction, marital problems, premature death in family, like parents like children syndrome and etcetera… King David fought his own battle; Daniel fought his own battle in lion’s den likewise the three Hebrew. Therefore, no matter what we are going through, I want us to move closer to God and cultivate the habit of prayer. Prayer is our weapon of war, prayer is only way to overcome on the battlefield. I pray that the God, who delivered David from all his battles, will deliver you in Jesus name. The God who delivered Daniel and the three Hebrew from all their troubles will deliver you in Jesus name.


Please pray this prayer:

Battles that want to swallow me I destroy you in Jesus name.

Every evil ocean that wants to swallow my destiny be swallowed by the blood of Jesus Christ

Battles from my place of birth be destroyed in Jesus name

I will not go through what my parents went through in Jesus name

Inherited battles I kill you before you kill me in Jesus name

Every sickness programmed to kill me, be destroyed in Jesus name

Untimely death in the foundation of my life, be destroyed in Jesus name

Every battle in my life making my enemy to rejoice over my life expire in Jesus name.